Revue Internationale pour la Communisation

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A communising current has already established itself across diverse theoretical expressions and certain practices in contemporary struggles. This current manifests itself in a certain number of individuals and groups sharing today (each in their own way, as much theoretically as practically):

  • the recognition that all permanent organisation of the class, all organisation prior to struggles and persisting beyond them, is nowadays confronted by failure.
  • the conviction that the only existing revolutionary perspective is that of the destruction of capitalism and, indissolubly, all classes.
  • the certitude that the class struggle between the proletariat and the capitalist class is everywhere in the world the unique dynamic of this destruction.
  • the criticism of all revolutionary perspective envisaging a period of transition form capitalism to communism.
  • the conviction that the destruction of capitalism does not open the way to communism but can only be the immediate communisation of all relations between individuals.

Communisation is not a program to be applied, nor even something that we can already describe, but the ways to it are to be explored and this exploration must be international. The diversity and internal oppositions, not to mention conflicts, within this communising current define its existence and must be recognised.

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